Access Management for Knowledge & Data Systems

Journals, Research Databases, E-Books, & Digital Asset Management

Some of GAN's Publishing & Library Services partners:

Publication & Journal Subscription Service

GAN is your authorized agent working directly with the publishers and access providers to ensure that your purchases are optimized for the widest access to the broadest range of publications - without increasing cost.

Information & Research Subscription Databases

GAN supports academic librarians, medical institutions, and government agencies in acquiring and managing access to the world's leading database content and resources to serve the information and workflow needs of their users and organizations.

Overall Subscription Procurement, Research, and Management Services

GAN can also manage the entire process from initial review of needs, negotiation, contracting, setup, invoices, and payment, all the way through to continuing end-user usage reports. And in most cases, we can provide these services at no additional cost:

• Find and negotiate new subscriptions
• Renew existing subscriptions
• Recommend new subscriptions based on searches from your organization’s IP addresses
• Analyze and negotiate 'Subscription Consolidation'
• Manage IP address confirmation and configuration
• Process publisher invoices and payments
• Set up custom reporting

Let GAN help consolidate all your subscription contacts!

GAN Contract Consolidation Services